It’s never too late to give yourself a voice

The world around us is changing faster and faster. Most of us struggle with stress, uncertainty and false information. Who can we trust? What can we believe?  We are told we are connected with the world:  Facebook, Instagram, twitter, you tube…   But the more ways we connect virtually,  the lonelier we become.

We have a hard time to keep up with everything everywhere. The paradox is that in our search to be present, share more and experience more we become less present and experience less. And the more we try the more stressed we become.

The search of true belonging starts from the wilderness. The wilderness within you and outside you. Forests – they have always been there. For me and for you. And they will remain there after me and you. They will always answer to our call. They will surround us and heal us – and they will never let us down.

A forest can be your best friend, your fitness teacher, your therapist – it can answer to whatever your needs are.


Welcome to my world. The forest waits for you.

Do you have a feeling of being spiritually disconnected? Your intuition whispers inside that the answer to your longing is in Nature. But you have been lost(wandering?) for so long that you don't know just how to connect. You are looking for peace of mind but your mind is a cacophony  of  noise from within. 

Welcome to the page that follows the heartbeat of Forests. It starts with the short and passionate rhythm of  spring: the bursting of leaf buds, trickling of streams and liberation of plants from under the snow. The secure pace of growth and birth of summer follows:  warmth of the sun, dew on a spider's web.

In autumn and harvest time, trees store their nutrients and shed their leaves, mushrooms

pop up on the moss and the fragrance of wet and decay is in the air. And finally

winter: the  forest holds its breath, all is still, the land is covered by snow and

ice while northern lights dance in the sky.

If you are in need of nature and peace of mind – this site is for you. If you seek for “Forest therapy”, shinrin yoku – this site is for you. Or if you simply want to go to the forest – this site is for you.

Whatever your reasons to seek the Forest – you have come to the right place. I am here to do my very best to help you to connect yourself with the Forest,  nature – and yourself. 

It’s never too late getting to know yourselfIt’s never too late getting to know yourself

It’s never too late getting to know yourself

Welcome to the path. The forest waits for you.

It’s never too late to start being You

When you were small the world was like an open treasure chest. Every day was filled with wonders, big and small. A gentle breeze on your face, a barkboat dancing on the stream, a ladybird on your hand or a tree so high you thought it reached into the heavens. Your mother's face made you feel secure and your father's beard tickling your cheek made you laugh.  Leaves swaying in the wind, clouds racing in the sky, ants busy building their home - – every day was like a page from Alice in Wonderland.


I invite you to discover that feeling again. I invite you to go to the forest with me. Wherever you are – the forest will be there for you.

I invite you to go for a walk from your living room, from a hotel, from a hospital bed.

I also invite you to go for a walk in the forest, alone or with friends. I invite you to take a deep breath, open your mind to the peace and calm of the forest and let all the inner noise inside you become silent. I invite you to be gentle to yourself, to listen to yourself, to be present – to yourself. Here and now. In this moment.

Welcome the person who you truly are. The forest waits for you.

Nature in all its forms has always been my passion. Ever since my childhood I spent as much time in nature as possible. In Finland I have wandered in diverse forests be they National Parks, Nature parks or primeval forests. I have paddled in the sea and lakes of my home country and skied or snowshoed through its snowy landscapes. During my studies in Germany, France and Switzerland I wandered in city parks and in the mountains. I have been hiking in Europe and in the States.

People seek the peace and beauty of  Nature – no matter where on earth they reside. I believe that everyone needs a meaningful relationship with nature. I am here to show you through my eyes what it could – and can – be. I am honoured if I can show you the way to the Forest.

I have gone to the wilderness and back for 40 years

Now the forest waits for you.


Welcome to the path. The forest waits for you.